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It’s August!

How is that possible??

The State Fair is over. I pick up my pieces this Friday. And then on Sunday, the Member’s Show at Viewpoint gets taken down and we hang my solo show!

Let’s all take a moment here to bend forward and put our head between our knees – and/or – breath into a paper bag. Reader’s choice.

I should be out plastering the town with those fancy postcards I had made. Hell, I should be working on finishing up that artist statement! But I’m in oral surgery recovery mode, so that will all have to wait. I have 9 days until the Artist Receiption. Once all these drugs leave my system, I predict that I’m gonna need a bigger paper bag.

So, you have a couple more days to get to Viewpoint and check out the Member’s Show. This is my “Three Graces”


And a week from Friday I’ll see you at the Artist Reception!


::breath in breath out repeat::

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