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The 20/20 Show *is* the news

Yay, more news! My submission was accepted in the the annual juried 20/20 show now held at the Kennedy Gallery. For the 20/20 show, each artist is given 20 8″x8″ panels to create small artworks that present a collective theme. Of course my medium is photography (this time digital to keep it easy!) and my theme is Santa Cruz: Locals Only. I shot all the images over a 3 day weekend last month and I’ve already printed them. I’ve been sick the last couple weeks, so I’ve spent the time slowly painting the edges of my panels.

The show is May 12th – Second Saturday of course. There is also a “Works in Progress” reception on Thursday April 12th that will have 1 piece from each artist on display. April’s show also includes the 4th Annual Spring Flowers Show and resident artist Judith Monroe works “No Place Like It”. See you there!

2 thoughts on “The 20/20 Show *is* the news

  1. Congrats!! I wish I could go.

  2. I wish I could be there too. One day I'll have a chance to see your works in person.
    I think this Santa Crus theme is fantastic to go with.

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