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It’s all about your Viewpoint

So. That bigs news I’ve been sitting on the past 2 months? It turns out the phone call from Ellen at Viewpoint wasn’t just a dream – the rumors are true and the cat is out of the bag. I am having a solo show at Viewpoint‘s Step Up Gallery next year!!

//takes several deep breaths



Either in August or October of 2012. That gives me half a year to get everything done. No sweat. ha! And if you just don’t want to have to wait that long, I just found out yesterday that I had one of my submissions accepted in Viewpoint’s annual juried show Twelve: Parallels. So you’ll be able to see two of my new images in December!

Oh! And as if that isn’t enough, I was the ‘New Member’ interviewee in the latest Viewpoint newsletter. Why yes, I am a bit overwhelmed right now. Overwhelmed, extremely happy, and damn proud.


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