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13: The Highs and Lows

Wow. I am really sucking at this whole blogging thing.  My baby boy turned 13!  on Feb. 1st without nary a mention. I mean really, I am a mother of a teenager now! That is some wicked bad lack of blog motivation. So, let’s catch up with young master Kyle shall we?

  1. Yes, Kyle is officially a smelly teenager. But he’s had that crap teenage attitude for ages now – he’s gifted ya know?
  2. For his birthday I set him up with a Facebook account. Now I can embarrass him in front of his friends from the comforts of my own chair.
  3. Kyle and I did light painting photos on the beach one night and then made solar prints in Santa Cruz last month. Very fun.
  4. Kyle starting having behavior problems again at school. Detentions have been bumped up to Referrals.
  5. Baby got his first suspension. So. not. cool.
  6. Behavior has now improved but his grades are in the toilet.
  7. Kyle made the 7th grade Boys Volleyball team.
  8. Of course he’s benched until he gets those grades up.
  9. I was invited to participate in the Bent Twig Art Show at Vox this month and chose Kyle as my “twig” (an established artist is joined by an upcoming/new artist).
  10. Kyle made 2 mixed media tiles for the show, while I showed 3 Holga diptychs.
  11. Kyle sold one of his tiles!!!  my baby had his first gallery sale at 13 – that rawks!
  12. Even at the ripe old age of 13, Kyle stills screams like a girl.
  13. I love the boy.

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