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Commercial break

We interrupt this program to bring you a brief message from our sponsors:

Oh I'm nervy all right!

That’s right friends, more drug experiments! My favorite Dr. has made it his life mission to find a medication that will reduce the number of migraines I have each month. So again “we” are trying a new preventative drug and crossing our fingers. oh boy. This time it is Neurontin, a seizure medicine. The brief amount of reading I did on it mentioned its use to treat Restless Leg Syndrome and that was intriguing. Especially after all the twitching on those blasted planes. I’m started out on the lowest dose possible since we have determined that I am indeed a delicate flower. The pharmacist says it takes 3-4 to kick in. We’ll see what happens. ::sigh::

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
“Boston: Oh my aching feet!” will be up as soon as I finish editing the photos.

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