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10 years – 10 weeks

Today is Kyle’s birthday. I’ve been a mom for 10 years. And in 10 weeks I’ll be a mom of 2. I will not be doing this again in another 10 years. Or any amount of years for that matter.

Last night I made cupcakes. 2 batches! And besides the 3 we ate (and the second one that Chris snagged) the remaining 32 cupcakes were packed up and sent to school this morning with Kyle. All that work and I got one cupcake. It just doesn’t seem fair.

We decided to buy Kyle a small boom box for his birthday. It was just too pathetic to hear him trying to rock out to his punk mix cd on his tinny dvd player speakers. If you’re gonna kick out the jams mother f@#%er* you gonna need a little bass!
And I bought him a Replacements cd because the kid has some fine musical taste. He loves the Clash (I’m so proud) and I’m going to recommend that he pick us up a copy of London Calling with his birthday cash.

Kyle also has a fondness for classic rock thanks to his dad. He likes the Stones, AC/DC and Guns n Roses. Oh joy. And then he is surprised to find out that I am more than familiar with Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”. Like I haven’t been subjected to classic rock for the last 20 years. In fact I’ve seen Ozzy’s butt! Not that I would recommend that to others.

Not too long ago Kyle asked me if I was going to make ‘the Bean’ like punk music too. I explained that you can’t make someone like a genre of music. All you can do is expose them to it and see what happens. I just happened to get lucky with Kyle. And then a horrifying realization hit me – ‘the Bean’ – she’s a girl. And that means there is a high probability of …oh sweet mother of Jesus and the Mary Chain help me – I can hardly bring myself to type the words…Boy Bands!!!

And there are no more cupcakes!

* Regrettably this MC5 number was cut from Kyle’s version of Punk Mix. While I take great pleasure from hearing him sing along to the Circle Jerks and Fear from the back seat – I must draw the line at the obvious cursing. So, no Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk to F*ck” for him! I also left off the Suicidal Tendencies “I Saw Your Mommy” because well no.

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